Thursday, August 20, 2020

How To Read Food Labels

In room five about two weeks ago a lady came in from Christchurch to talk to our class about food and how to read food labels. Food labels is a great skill to learn and i think it can help tons of people to eat heartily. Here is my explanation    

 Reading Food Labels By Hunter

 Reading food labels is an important skill to have and lots of people don't have this skill. In this explanation I will teach you how to read food labels properly. What are food labels? Food labels tell you how healthy the food is. There is a specific column to look at and that is per one hundred grams columns as shown here.
This is the only column that we look at or that matters. The food has five different main categories: energy,fat,sugar,sodium and dietary fibre. But however we don’t pay much attention to the energy the other four are the ones that we focus on. For a food to be considered healthy it must have less than 10 grams of fat,less than 10 grams of sugar,more than 5 grams for the dietary fibre and less than 400mg for the sodium. If it has more or less than it is supposed to then it is considered an occasional food. The dietary fibre doesn't fully matter, dietary fibre helps out your digestive system. But now that you know the requirements for the food to be healthy or occasional. What you didn't know about the foods you eat. I am going to tell you about the cereal and muesli bars that you thought were healthy that aren't.
Now you may be thinking you're crazy fruit loops are soooo healthy. But have a look at the column all the way to the right that is the per one hundred grams column that we looked at before. Now I want you to have a little look back and look at the requirements for the food to be considered healthy. So if you had a look back the requirements they were less than 10 grams of fat, less than 10 grams of sugar, more than 5 grams of dietary fibre and less than 400mgs of sodium. If you look at the fruit loops it has less dietary fibre than it should and more sugar so this would be considered an occasional food. Now let's look at something a bit healthier. 
Have a look at the last column. Fat is ok, sugar is good, dietary fibre is good and so is sodium. So this is a healthy food so you can eat this every day. In conclusion, I think that reading food labels is a good thing to know how to do and I personally think everyone should know how to read them to have a healthier life. Because I know that a lot of people are eating foods that are advertised on TV and they say they are healthy but aren’t. Let's have a look at this muesli snack. 
 That may be a bit hard to read but pay attention to the bottom left corner. The sugar is way too high and the dietary fibre is too low. So there you go you thought they were so healthy but you were fooled. So all it takes is to read the back or front of a food item like chips and then you can determine if you should be having this food every day or occasionally. How do you feel about this simple thing that can make you eat healthier?

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Popcorn Writing

In room 5 last week we where making explanations on why popcorn pops! i hope you enjoy my piece of writing.

 Why Does Popcorn Pop? Pop! pop! pop! The sound of the great popcorn popping into one of the best buttery foods ever. But yes first we have to harvest it but luckily if you aren’t a farmer you can just buy it. But it is not just ordinary you have to harvest it otherwise no popcorn for you and you also have to go through the process to make the popcorn. There are tons of different types of corn but there is only one that actually pop’s popcorn must have the same amount of water. Not more or not less each kernel must have 19% of water for it to pop. Because if you have too much water it won't pop and the same if it doesn't have enough. let's be real who doesn't want perfect popcorn that pops or that is edible for that matter, if it is not edible then there is no more popcorn then. How the perfect popcorn is made with the best popping process. The kernels when they are added to a hot pan with some oil or butter then the popping process starts. The water temperature that is in the kernel increases it then turns into steam. Next the steam creates pressure on the layer on the outer side and then that creates the explosion. How it all starts now that i have explained the process now i am going to explain how it all stars. First the corn is planted and it eventually grows then it is harvested and some of it gets processed and is sold and some of it is turned into popcorn like how i just explained. In conclusion popcorn has a bit of a unique process to turn corn into popcorn. Overall popcorn is very unique in a lot of ways. It is kind of crazy to think that a vegetable is turned into a great buttery food. Quick question: what is your favorite type of popcorn? Mine is the movie theater popcorn. By Hunter

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Harold learning

At Awahono school Harold has come to to teach us about choices, information, influences,consequences and decisions. We had the task of making the burger and putting information about the the different parts of the burger. Here is my Harold hamburger that explains the different parts of making choices.

Friday, March 20, 2020

gumboot design

yes gumboot designs me and lochie them was john deere. yes we added Patrick and sponegebob cuss who dose not like spongebob. :) we did not have much to to do it cuss we where helping in the library. Hope you enjoy:)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Summer Learning Journey teaser week

so today we had to make another Summer Learning Journey teaser week post. This time it is about the water project . What they do is go around the world and give water to the places in need. team water

Friday, December 6, 2019

Summer Learning Journey Teaser week.

We are practising for the Summer Learning Journey. We had to make a post about Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. She is the worlds fastest person to run 100 meters. Hope you like this post link 2000

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Summer Learning Journey Teaser Week

So yesterday we were practising for the Summer Learning Journey. We were given the task to make a poster about Lorde and if you don't known who she is well Lorde is a NZ singer here is one of her song's Royals. That is the name if you want to search it up hope you like It. link 1 link 2